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findings showed an absence of correlation in the sural nerve, which was contrary to that which was found in our study.
An Atkins procedure (namely a full thickness "L" incision on the lateral surface of the calcaneus with creation of a flap) should be preferred, not only because the neurologic structures, in particular the sural nerve, are protected along with Achilles tendon and the plantar fascia, (4) but also since it permits useful localization of the calcaneal insertion of the extensors retinaculum and talocalcaneal ligament (Fig.
2) The saphenous nerve can cause medial knee or leg symptoms, while the sural nerve can yield pain in the lateral ankle and foot.
Kawai, "A comparison of vascularized and conventional sural nerve grafts," Journal of Hand Surgery, vol.
Mean changes in nerve conduction velocity of the tibial nerve, distal latency of the superficial peroneal nerve and sural nerve, and sensory amplitude of the sural nerve were significantly higher in the C.
9,173,581, contain claims that cover the novel integrated design of the hand-held DPNCheck device that enables accurate and rapid measurement of sural nerve conduction, which is a standard neuropathy biomarker.
Low amplitudes of the medial and lateral plantar responses were noted in the three patients in whom these were tested, but the abnormalities were mild; in two, the amplitudes of the sural nerve responses were also minimally reduced.
She underwent decompression and neurolysis of the brachial plexus using sural nerve grafts but still has reduced use of her right arm.
In this case, Lyftogt treated the lateral sural nerve and lower saphenous nerve where they cross over the Achilles tendon with D5W.
The lateral calcaneal artery skin flap (the lateral calcaneal artery, lesser saphenous vein, and sural nerve skin flap).
This was followed by marking of sural nerve and skin island on the posterior calf as a part of reverse planning according to the size of defect in a tear drop shape with the tail tapering distally to facilitate closure after the flap inset (Fig-1).