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In nerve conduction analysis, the median and ulnar nerves from the upper extremity and tibial, peroneal and sural nerves from the lower extremity were analyzed (Table 1).
Cutaneous nerve stimulation and motoneuron excitability, I: soleus and tibialis anterior excitability after ipsilateral and contralateral sural nerve stimulation.
A sensory branch, the medial sural cutaneous nerve, contributes to the sural nerve and innervates the dorsolateral skin of the foot.
24): entrapment between the absorbable filaments of the sutures) with significant neuropathic pain and severe-loss of function, an alteration in sensory and motor conduction velocity of the peroneal, tibial and sural nerves was found.
In addition, the common fibular and sural nerve had been entirely separated and the tibial nerve as well as the popliteal vein and artery had been severely damaged.
Of the five peripheral nerves supplying the foot, four travel in close proximity to vessels: the deep peroneal (lateral to anterior tibial artery), posterior tibial (posterior to posterior tibial artery), saphenous (long saphenous vein) and the sural nerve (short saphenous vein).
Greenfield referred to another study, also cited by the Arkansas authors, which found inflammation in sural nerve biopsies from three patients who developed peripheral neuropathy after gastric bypass, "further suggesting the possibility that an inflammatory or autoimmune process might be responsible for some neurologic complications following bariatric procedures," they said in their response.
Nerve conduction studies of the left median, right peroneal, and right sural nerve and electromyography of the left anterior tibial muscle were normal.
The sural nerve runs lateral to the Achilles tendon and then inferior to the peroneal tendon sheath and continues in its plantar course laterally to divide into medial and lateral branches at the level of the 5th metatarsal base.
The data were further supported by sural nerve biopsy and cutaneous nerve biopsy studies (Kuo et al.
A promising new procedure grafts the sural nerve from the ankle to replace those around the prostate that need to be sacrificed.