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But I must not detain you now; I thank you for trying my plan with your good horse, and I am sure you will find it far better than the whip.
To be sure," said Harriet, in a mortified voice, "he is not so genteel as real gentlemen.
It has given me such an abhorrence of annuities, that I am sure I would not pin myself down to the payment of one for all the world.
No, that I am sure I shall not; and I think it is very impertinent of him to write to you at all, and very hypocritical.
Not that she looked as if she would be easily frightened: she seemed so good and gentle that I'm sure she would never expect that any one could wish to hurt her.
There was a carpet all over the floor, and in one corner there was a forty-pinny and a Jew's harp and the divil knows what ilse, and in another corner was a sofy, the beautifullest thing in all natur, and sitting on the sofy, sure enough, there was the swate little angel, Misthress Tracle.
I must tell you, that just after we parted yesterday, I saw a young man looking at you so earnestly -- I am sure he is in love with you.
Bulstrode's great favorite-- and yours too, I am sure, Harriet
If you behave, and don't scare the little pigs, I'm sure they'll grow very fond of you.
I didn't see anything put in, and I'm almost sure it was empty when you brought it out," she replied.
I have one cutlet for dinner, and I am sure it will be spoilt.
Or has his sure enough brilliance plumb dazzled you-all?