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Sure enough, a penalty was given but with Harps on the receiving end.
Her T-shirt was a bit of a giveaway, and sure enough the Strictly Come Dancing winner got everyone excited.
As if you were a sure enough wind for me to walk into.
Sure enough, from the moment I purchased my first magazine, I have been impressed, excited, and really motivated.
College football promoters say they don't need a playoff, the regular season gives you playoff butterflies every week -- and sure enough, it's giving the Trojans playoff scorpions from fall to winter.
Sure enough, the bond markets priced in the expectation of a rate rise after the labor report's release on Friday.
Sure enough, when she goes for her scan, she's told the baby could have abnormalities.
I turned around and, sure enough, the visitors' team was in our locker room.
Sure enough, when the researchers mixed carrageenan and HPV with human cells in a test tube, individual viruses couldn't get inside the cells.
Sure enough, his big break may finally have arrived when he's asked to star in a play, a "classical political drama" with one of the best actors in the business.
Many Christians reflexively associate it with resurrection and therefore with Easter, and, sure enough, it is one of the readings for the Easter Vigil.