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Sure enough something went wrong and we ended up with a pack of dogs on the loose next to, and through, a village with kids, pets, livestock and old folks walking around.
Sure enough, a penalty was given but with Harps on the receiving end.
When will a sure enough wind arrive to blow this curtain aside?
Sure enough, his big break may finally have arrived when he's asked to star in a play, a "classical political drama" with one of the best actors in the business.
Many Christians reflexively associate it with resurrection and therefore with Easter, and, sure enough, it is one of the readings for the Easter Vigil.
But sure enough, children are coming back to class.
To increase the availability of vegan food, we need to ask for it and make sure enough people buy the options when they are on the menu.
To make sure enough time has passed for the dirt to exit a worm's system, it's wise to soak the critter overnight in water, says Turpin.
The proprietor of GO Serve found some massive sulphide boulders and knew the site could potentially be hosting copper, nickel or PGEs, so he began snooping around more and sure enough came up with a Sudbury quartz-diorite.
Sure enough, inside was an invoice for the subscription we had "ordered.
Sure enough, the effing and blinding starts, but at the same time, he's being quite benevolent, not quite reaching the Goodfellas standard.
Sure enough, when the posse spot a young man walking by the side of the road, they tackle him, strip him, pull an E.