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Toibin's Mary revises the Gospel stories at will: The raising of Lazarus, the marriage feast of Cana, the final crucifixion are told from the sureness of her own memory Moreover, she insists that her son was led astray by his ambitious followers, those she calls "cruel misfits.
I think of other artists who use techniques demanding speed and sureness of hand; one who comes to mind is Manuel Pardo, who works in pencil on grounds of wet paint, which, in drying, sets a deadline by which he has to finish.
You can't but admire the ambition of the team at LIPA, not least gaining performing rights for the play which only premiered at the National three years ago, and then tackling what's a sprawling and complex drama with a huge number of characters (apart from the main protagonists, each cast member plays multiple roles) with a real sureness.
It's the same sureness that can cause a concertgoer hurl herself toward the unsuspecting heads of strangers knowing she'll be caught.
The arrangements are intended to improve practical sureness for businesses by taking into consideration tax risks in real time.
The sureness of tone, skewed to instruct, becomes arresting.
There is perhaps an authority and sureness of touch in Professor Jackson's account of the Irish union, with all its lost opportunities in face of insuperable obstacles (among them the deep cultural and religious division within Ireland and between most of the Irish and most of the British), which is not quite matched in his interpretation of the longer, happier, and rarely melodramatic mixture of partnership and recurring friction between Scotland and England.
You can sense the sureness of his touch from the first page onwards, and if this is a first novel then that level of professionalism and self-assurance in the writing is quite remarkable.
We talked about having ball sureness, getting the running game going.
The irony however is that this opportunity has coincided precisely with a certain loss of nerve and a loss of that sureness of touch for which China's diplomacy has long and rightly been famous.
Lively's mastery of her material, the sureness of her touch and her unique, consistently scintillating prose raise Family Album to a higher plane.
The Malaysian Nature Society volunteer replied, with a glint in her eye and comforting sureness, "Either of these, Philllipps 'Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo or A Naturalist's Guide to the Birds of Malaysia and Singapore, including Sabah & Sarawak.