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We talked about having ball sureness, getting the running game going.
The irony however is that this opportunity has coincided precisely with a certain loss of nerve and a loss of that sureness of touch for which China's diplomacy has long and rightly been famous.
Lively's mastery of her material, the sureness of her touch and her unique, consistently scintillating prose raise Family Album to a higher plane.
The Malaysian Nature Society volunteer replied, with a glint in her eye and comforting sureness, "Either of these, Philllipps 'Field Guide to the Birds of Borneo or A Naturalist's Guide to the Birds of Malaysia and Singapore, including Sabah & Sarawak.
Longstreth is more like a combination of an MIT grad student and Galileo--a lot of earned, cocky smarts and a sureness that he is seeing stars.
Willis interprets the voice of 11 year old Eliah with a sureness that conveys his courage, humor, love of family, and devotion to commune.
Although the lectures are "not intended to be a history of handwriting," the period covered is wide--from the Egyptian era to the Renaissance--and the material is impressive in its range and scholarship, the sureness with which it is handled by Parkes, and not least, the high attention to pedagogy in its treatment.
To each of these challenges the orchestra responded with sureness and beauty.
The trouble is, the evidence indicates that our sense of sureness needs to be questioned at times.
Self confidence is sureness about one's self-worth and capabilities.
The sureness of touch Recks deployed in earlier scenes deserts him entirely as the escalating hysteria of inter-cut action leads to a forced, falsely theatrical climax.
With the multi-link Control Blade system doing its job in the rear suspension, the car's sureness and grip, be it on motorway or back road, is a major achievement.