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I think I have never known a man whose judgment was surer.
Colbert, and as she is insatiable, and was not satisfied with having extorted a hundred thousand crowns from a servant of the state, she has taken a still bolder flight, in search of surer sources of supply.
No; but because she knows that you are a good woman--and that if she comes here once she will have a chance of a happier, a surer life than she has had.
But, my dear Chettam, why should I use my influence to Casaubon's disadvantage, unless I were much surer than I am that I should be acting for the advantage of Miss Brooke?
I asked gaily, and she would be certain to reply, 'I'm thinking we'd better take it to the bank and get the money,' for she always felt surer of money than of cheques; so to the bank we went ('Two tens, and the rest in gold'), and thence straightway (by cab) to the place where you buy sealskin coats for middling old ladies.
Whatever others said, I felt I was fully competent to the task: the clear remembrance of my own thoughts in early childhood would be a surer guide than the instructions of the most mature adviser.
I can wed them here myself--it would be the surer way--yes, that is what I shall do.
A ragged tunic was a surer defence against this wild horde than a stout lance or an emblazoned shield.
Instinctively he wished that he had his arrows and his knife--he would have felt surer with them.
conferred by the knife or iron, and is therefore a surer means of
I was on surer ground when I arrived at the conclusion that Dexter had really kept every mortal creature out of his confidence.
You are the surer, Watkin," said Aylward, standing by them with shaft upon string.