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The smaller top size must be used in determining stencil surface area, since the adhesion of paste to pad is what pulls the paste from the stencil.
Compared to controls, migraine patients showed reduced cortical thickness and surface area in regions related to pain processing.
The answer lies in examples such as the relationships between villus structure and nutrient absorption in the small intestine (Figure 1), nephron structure and water retention in the kidneys (Figure 2), alveolus structure and gas exchange in the lungs (Figure 3), root-hair structure and nutrient absorption in plants, leaf ventation and nutrient transport (Figure 4), and any other function in which surface area is key to life support.
For constant values of heat transfer coefficient (U) and the specific heat of the rack material, according to equation (7), the time constant varies with the specific surface area of the racks ([A.
The effect of grinding media on the specific surface area and E/S was studied using 4.
Then the surface area of each of the sixbony components--the perpendicular plate of the ethmoid bone, the vomer, the sphenoid bone, the nasal process of the frontal bone, the nasal bone, and the palatine crest--was measured with a transparent grid calibrated in square millimeters, Then we calculated the contributions that each of these bones made to the total osseous surface area and the contribution that the total bony component made to the total chondro-osseous septal surface area.
Helping students establish a relationship between the total surface area of a three-dimensional solid and the area of a two-dimensional net should help them in understanding total surface area conceptually.
The primary method for measuring surface area relies on the adsorption of gases.
Calculation of the surface area: To calculate the surface area of egg masses, digital photographs from two to three angles were taken using Kodak easyshare DX 6490 zoom, 4.
2005) was not to describe these responses in mathematical terms (whether threshold, linear, or nonlinear) but rather to illustrate that dose-response relationships on a mass basis--but not on a surface area basis--are very different, the choice of the response metric is irrelevant.