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The research team, led by Omar Farha, research associate professor of chemistry in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, has synthesized, characterized, and computationally simulated the behavior of the two MOFs that display the highest experimental Brunauer-Emmett-Teller surface areas of any porous material on record, 7,000 m2/g; that is, one kilogram of the material contains an internal surface area that could cover seven square kilometers.
We conducted a study of 16 male cadavers to measure six osseous components of the nasal septum and to calculate the proportional contribution that each made to the total septal bone surface area.
In this article the challenges pre-service secondary school teachers faced in trying to understand how to work out the surface areas of square and rectangular pyramids and a cone are discussed.
Another specialty gas is krypton, which is used with more demanding samples that have small surface areas.
This appears to hold true across the range of typical surface areas.
The BET-specific surface areas were not quoted explicitly but could be derived from the data in the respective figures (50 and 6.
Find the relationships between cooling means parameters--the effectiveness of the number of attached fins of contact surface area and volume of a chill;
High-yield pulps can have strength and brightness similar to bleached hardwood kraft pulp but with other unique features such as high bulk, large surface area, and high fines content.
However, since clustering of water molecules also occurs, together with partial filling of clay interlamellar regions, water sorption more correctly gives an indication of the surface extent of soils rather than a measure of their surface areas (Quirk and Murray 1999).
They established criteria for comparing the surface areas of the various enclosures and wrote a program to conduct the search.
a composition of matter patent covering nifedipine crystals with various surface areas as the active ingredient in a sustained-release formulation of nifedipine.
The unique nanostructure of the ACI carbon aerogel offers higher electrochemical surface areas, better mass transport, reduced or eliminated ionic contamination and price competitiveness.