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Cell surface markers are expressed on the surface of cells and function as identifiers of certain type of cells.
Furthermore, enzymatic digestion, used in the early steps, can alter surface markers and corroborate subsequent sorting by fluorescence-activated cell sorters.
RT-PCR primers for pluripotency (Oct3/4, Nanog, Sox2), MSC surface markers (CD4, CD8A, CD25, CD33, CD34, CD44, CD54, CD61, CD80, CD105, CD117, Flk-1 and HMGA2) and GAPDH internal control were shown in
12-14) These studies used a combination of cell surface markers to identify specific cell populations (e.
The lymphocyte surface markers studies of the patient in this case study showed a low number of LGL/NK cells.
The researchers looked at interleukin-2 production, phagocyte activity, surface markers on splenocytes, and antibody response.
Scientists have identified a group of surface markers on cells linked to an aggressive type of breast cancer called estrogen receptor-negative cancer.
1) Doctors often have had to use external skin surface markers or implanted markers to estimate lung tumor position during the breathing cycle and then apply the beam only during certain points in the patient's respiration.
The reduced ratio is advantageous for improving the resolution of detection and allows simultaneous detection of multiple secreted proteins and/or multiple cell surface markers.
Appendixes have been provided that cover all 334 CD surface markers and their cellular expression patterns, give information on Internet resources, and present summary tables for the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program and Global Initiative for Asthma guidelines.
NBT reducing assay and expression of cell surface markers (CD11b and CD14) confirmed that the inhibition of proliferation is associated with differentiation toward macrophage-like morphology.