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Previous research demonstrated how impact and sharp edges can break surface tension on a RoboBee's entry," but the team had to figure out how to counter these forces and get the bot back out of the water.
Quantitative measurement of biosurfactant production: Reduction in surface tension was used as one method.
The swab test involves applying a series of solvents of known surface tension onto the substrate with cotton swabs and observing whether the strip of solvent stays in place or dewets and crawls.
4) This is the concentration at which micelles are formed and where surface tension reduction is greatest.
Surfactant at different concentrations was added to the top layer to control its surface tension.
Surface tension helps the water form bridges between grains of sand, holding the sand up.
As drops of water are added to the penny in this experiment, the surface tension surrounds and holds the water inside the glob.
Surface tension was measured with a drop weight method (Stalagmometer instruments).
Both mechanisms work via surface tension and hydrostatic forces.
The researchers describe the surface tension theory and experiments July 3 in Proceedings of the Royal Society A.

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