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Application of fillers or surfacers by reverse roll coating allows the filling of cracks, pores, rough grain, and other wood defects, while leaving only a very thin film on the surface.
Newman manufactures a variety of equipment including surfacers, planers, ripsaws and presses.
Working on European Way, Pallion, Sunderland, the road surfacers also have to wear protective clothing, including high-visibility jackets and steel-capped boots adding to their discomfort.
Beginning with cleaners, filter surfacers, topcoats, and extending all the way to clearcoats, all of the components of the Glasurit VOC System not only meet European standards, they are also perfectly matched to each other.
Sherwin-Williams introduced four formaldehyde-free products in 2013, adding to its existing offering and providing wood finishers with a family of formaldehyde-free finishes to choose from, including lacquers, varnishes and surfacers, primers and sealers.
Newman manufactures a variety of equipment, including surfacers, planers, ripsaws and presses.
The agreement calls for BASF Coatings to be the main supplier of primer surfacers, basecoats, and clearcoats for use on plastic automotive components manufactured at Plastic Omnium's facility in Bruay-la-Buissiere, France.
The leaflet explains and illustrates in great detail the different coating systems, their features and application requirements as well as test standards - from powder primers to e-coats to primer surfacers, from basecoats to clearcoat systems.