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Tim Norman, ICEM director of field operations, sees a move toward greater use of surfacing software among automakers.
The Ford Thunderbird a one of the many halo vehicles (like the Audi TI and the Valkswagen New Beetle] that had all of their aesthetic surfacing done with ICEM Surf.
PTC's new integrated free-form surfacing design capabilities along with their Pro/ENGINEER parametric surface design tools will create a completely collaborative environment for product and transportation designers.
Formica Corporation is one of the leading companies in the decorative surfacing products market, producing high pressure laminate, solid surfacing materials and laminate flooring in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Taiwan and China.
With CADDS 5i R10, PTC introduces significant new surfacing capabilities focused at the high-end needs of aerospace, automotive and shipbuilding customers.
Complementing the new Interactive Surfacing Option is PTC's new CADDS 5i 5-axis Bolting and Riveting capability, which is unique in the industry.
The Surfacing Center of Excellence is the cornerstone of our surfacing strategy," said Jim Baum, executive vice president, engineering, research and development, PTC.
Development efforts at the ICEM Surfacing Center of Excellence will not only focus on the ICEM Surf, CDRS and 3DPAINT series of styling and surfacing solutions, but also on providing general surfacing technology to PTC i-Series products.
Our styling and surfacing tools help to shorten the development cycle and allow customers to deliver more innovative designs," said Fritz Kuederli, vice president, ICEM Technologies.
Twenty-four local government and school district projects received funding today from the California Integrated Waste Management Board in the form of grants totaling $534,000 for playground surfacing and running tracks made from recycled tires.
Imageware's recently-introduced Class 1 surfacing product provides SDRC's I-DEAS customers with the ability to go from concept surfaces to tooling with software solutions provided by a single supplier.