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general workload and turn-over, and availability of both pre- and postoperative surgical beds (also specialised high care beds and intensive care beds required).
Last winter Newcastle hospitals cancelled 40 operations in two weeks as winter admissions took over surgical bed space.
Her mother, Karen, is terrified 13-year-old Kayleigh's skin will break before a surgical bed is found.
The hospital was down to having just one emergency surgical bed to cope with accidents and emergencies.
Supply of an excimer laser to complete the surgical bed and management software for the treatment of refractive defects and corneal scars for the UOC Ophthalmology ULSS 18 of Rovigo.
The team is looking to calibrate the invasive blood pressure monitor based on changes to a patient's elevation and angle as the surgical bed changes position.
Robert Cave, the directorate general manager at Walsgrave Hospitals NHS Trust, said: ``Surgery has not been scrapped at all and everyone who needs a surgical bed will be found one.
A friend of mine was left to go into labour in a hospital waiting room because the NHS bed she'd arranged was not available and Paul O'Grady was forced, while nursing his dying friend and manager Brendan Murphy, to borrow a surgical bed from Holby City props department.
2008/09 New Products on display include: Patient Monitoring & Life Support -- Hylite 6700/6500, Surgical light -- Hybase 6100, Surgical bed -- Beneheart D6, Defibrillator Medical Imaging Systems -- DigiEye 760, Digital radiography
However, high price of hospital beds, such as fully electrical beds, critical care ICU beds, surgical beds, birthing beds, and bariatric beds acts as major restraints for the growth of the market.
And in one hospital post-surgery patients were in the recovery area for extended periods due to a shortage of surgical beds.
The health board has been doing a great deal of work to make sure this doesn't happen and surgical beds are available.