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PATHOLOGY, med. jur. The science or doctrine of diseases. In cases of homicides, abortions, and the like, it is of great consequence to the legal practitioner to be acquainted, in some degree, with pathology. 2 Chit. Pr. 42, note.

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Supply in regime of hiring a system Videoendoscopy 3D high-definition, for the UOC The General Surgery - Surgical Pathology - CIG 6250390100.
Exclusion criteria included (1) induced fetal demise for the purposes of pregnancy termination; (2) management via induction of labor; (3) fetal size less than 14-weeks' or greater than 24-weeks' gestation by ultrasonography; and (4) whether an autopsy was completed instead of a surgical pathology examination.
Surgical pathology specimen identification and accessioning: a College of American Pathologists Q-Probes study of 1,004,115 cases from 417 institutions.
Twenty-four-hour TATs for biopsies are down from two to three days with improved clarity and completeness in surgical pathology reports.
In 2001, at the turn of the century, the view of the future of surgical pathology was not an optimistic one.
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Pathologists were added to the group according to a formal "division of labor" plan or skill matrix, in order to fill leadership roles in surgical pathology, microbiology, and hematology, etc.
It was just ordinary surgical pathology that led to a very nice and interesting finding," Dickman says now.
Jonathan Epstein, Director of Surgical Pathology at Johns Hopkins.
para]]Leading pathology organizations provide recommendations for systematic and timely secondary reviews of surgical pathology cases, leading to more accurate diagnoses and improved patient care[[/para]]