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The multi-channel world means most niche tastes should now be catered for, leaving only the surliest curmudgeon to grouse there's nothing on worth watching
And put your hands on the desk," the largest and surliest of the mob yells.
The score and the scorer ( Ian Porterfield ( will never be forgotten, but there's one indelible image from that afternoon that made even the surliest football fan smile in admiration.
a smile out of even the surliest and most contemptuous when he met them on the road, the poor man had succeeded in passing his sixtieth year without running into any bad storms.
This was probably the surliest group of heroes you'll ever see outside a Fassbinder retro.
The Penguins locker room of the mid-1990s housed Lemieux, Jagr and goaltender Tom Barrasso and was considered one of the surliest places in sports.
Leo "the Lip" Durocher, one of the surliest players and managers ever, always rode in the back of the bus to break a losing streak.
For starters, Sheffield, Albert Belle of the Chicago White Sox, and Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants -- all of whom are black -- are three of the surliest and most uncooperative players in baseball today.