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Even the surliest doubter had to be won over by his King George romp on Boxing Day.
For added colour he should pick out the burliest, surliest 'non' American or Australian he can find.
Henrietta Knight and Terry Biddlecombe, dubbed last week, with glorious inappropriateness, as "the Posh and Becks of jump racing", are persons to whom not even the surliest curmudgeon could take exception.
But, if they're the hardest, meanest, surliest and biologically best designed creatures on earth, how come crocodiles don't rule like dinosaurs did?
Throughout his career Cole has been branded a misery guts, the surliest, moodiest, grumpiest striker ever to find a Premiership net.
As for the Knicks, they are out of it with a 20-32 record, and even though this game will bring out the surliest in the New Yorkers, they lack the class to back it up.
Ask your surliest teenager to ignore you for 20 minutes then charge you pounds 3 for a bottle of beer, like every trendy bar.