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Like the original, these later poems aim for pleasing shapes and statements, but the magic ratio of surliness to charm sometimes slips out of balance.
Bryce has extensive experience in the theatre and delightfully supports the characters' personalities with the right amount of teenage surliness and excitement over absolutely mundane, inane events.
Do not confuse her single-minded determination with the surliness of a teenager.
This is a complete study, a masterful and highly readable account of one of the game's more enigmatic figures--a man thoroughly ill-suited for the requirements of celebrity, a man who was consistently set against the affable DiMaggio and whose immature petulance, legendary surliness, and temperamental demeanor isolated him from the press (whom he literally spit on) and from the Boston faithful.
The show-boating, the step-overs and the surliness are all part of the Rooney road-show and he was given the freedom of Southampton to parade them like a peacock yesterday.
Residents are now moving towards surliness, depression and anger caused by these rapid changes to their lifestyle.
Even if some aspects of courteous treatment, as Ayres reminds us, have a practical component, (32) "service with a smile" rather than a suspicious glance or surliness, does not.
By this point, rather than walls out, I decided to simply put up with the overt surliness.
She uses her "writer" and "artist" (interestingly, more than "lesbian") status as an armoring identity to excuse her moments of surliness on family visits.
Since his all too frequent surliness as a critic is well known among Latin Americanists, I chose not to respond.
In an article on the novelist Michael Frayn titled "The Real Thing," Hitchens goes overboard in associated references, writing: "The great secret about the English rural idyll-an idyll most harshly dissipated in Sam Peckinpah's Straw Dogs--is that the bucolic scene is very often one of cruelty, surliness, and resentment.
But then, the women never felt the force of Quinn s scowl; their supervisor carried the weight of his surliness for them.