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When Coles, seeking precision, stayed after class to question his renowned teacher, he left with deeper surmises rather than with clearer answers.
It was too difficult to correct all these surmises, and she added still others confidently.
When it comes to explaining why whites were so hostile, Kleppner shrugs and surmises that Chicago middle-class whites are really Klansmen in disguise.
Macaque imitation occurs in a briefer time span because these primates grow up and gravitate into a social network much faster than people or apes do, Ferrari surmises.
Already Atlas Copco exports product to contractors and mines in most Canadian mining camps and to mining regions in South America, Africa and Russia through their extensive global sales companies and distributors, but Gibson surmises further growth opportunities for the company lay ahead.
From his analysis of A Game at Chess, Augustine's The City of God, and other texts, Taylor surmises that castration functions as a third term among supposed binary oppositions.
Roy surmises the smell prevented predators from eating the fruit's seed.
DynaMotive states categorically that there has been no accident or injury at the plant and it surmises that the rumour developed as a consequence of a worker injury at the neighbouring flooring plant which supplies wood feedstock for the BioOil plant.
For example, chimpanzees and bonobos express distress at the pain of another of their group, demonstrating one animal's capacity to put itself in the place of another, De Waal surmises.
They are played out before scores of off-camera producers, technicians and assistants who, one surmises, enjoy endless supplies of appetizers and bottled water while contestants measure grains of rice.
Only toward the end of the nineteenth century, as Italian bronze sculpture grew in popularity among collectors, does interest in Antico revive, spurred on by the archival research of Umberto Rossi, and then, just after the turn of the century, the stylistic surmises of Wilhelm Bode.