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Surmount has also assisted Nirmal Lifestyle, Narang Civilisation and Orbit Group to achieve HRC and GRIHA pre-certifications.
According to Reuters, China and the United States are to help Europe surmount its credit crisis.
Reference centers such as the National Prion Disease Pathology Surveillance Center, while providing diagnostic expertise, fail to surmount the biosafety obstacles (real and perceived) that prevent pathologists from enthusiastically performing autopsies on those who died of potential infectious diseases, including prion diseases.
We should try to deal with some of the issues [same-sex couples] have to surmount in their daily lives," Ahern said.
We have in our movement developed this loyalty in following the leader, this blind obedience of which all the others know nothing and which gave to us the power to surmount everything," explained Hitler in 1933.
Both the StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array [called "Enterprise"] and the StorageWorks NAS Executor were designed from the ground up to meet these needs, enabling customers to surmount the challenges of the current business environment by extending and enhancing valuable IT resources.
Gillon attributes that to a limited entrepreneurial drive, cultural reservations in dealing with Americans and perceived hassles about shipping over the border; challenges his agency is trying hard to surmount.
Bogger aptly describes the strategies Norfolk free blacks employed to surmount these difficulties, but he provides little insight into the ways in which family life and the institutional infrastructure of community in Norfolk - churches, schools, and mutual aid societies - mirrored the domestic arrangements and community life of free blacks in other urban areas along the eastern seaboard.
The forward-looking statements contained in this release include: our expectations concerning the growth of the market for mercury control; our perceptions of the Company's position in that market; our plans for expansion of our capabilities to serve that market; our ability to surmount technical obstacles in achieving improved mercury reduction with our technologies; and our ability to obtain adequate sources of supply; and our ability to attract adequate numbers of skilled personnel.
com)-- Nirmal Lifestyle has chosen Surmount Energy for the High Rise Consulting certification facilitation for its upcoming mall in Mumbai.
A leader in Green Building Consulting; Home Automation Solutions; and CCTV, Home Safety & Surveillance Systems, Surmount Energy, has opened a BuildTrack Automation Experience Center at the Marketing Office of Hanging Gardens, among the major projects by Prisha Properties in Bengaluru.
After a valiant four-year effort to surmount prostate cancer, dancer/choreographer Danial Shapiro died in October.