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Turkish Foreign Minister Zafer Caglayan Said With the experience they have gained from past crises, Turkish businessmen might help Greece in surmounting the financial meltdown.
Moore has personally used the techniques for learning more about the world, surmounting major challenges, and forming a close friendship with one's angel.
Surmounting the worry and pain of long separations and getting on with the job at hand -- whether on the streets of Baghdad or raising the kids back home -- is a testament to the courage, spirit and determination we celebrate this Independence Day.
Identifying methods of surmounting the millennium-old schism between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches was set in motion last year by the Pope's historic trip to Bulgaria.
While the role of the chief executive is one of surmounting challenges and pressures, our research has found that CEOs are finding a reason to stay at the helm.
The various audiences will nonetheless face difficulties that are, however, worth surmounting.
Above all, African images are palisades, they guard, they filter, they watch--as does Dial's masterpiece sculpture of a cat surmounted by fowls and surmounting skeletal persons, perhaps warning, like Kongo boneyards: Mess with us and go to death.
The LCC phenomenon, with its low-cost models optimisation, simplicity, efficient utilisation and cost and scalability, is witnessing high growth in Asia after surmounting challenges such as targeting the right customer base and providing simple/cost-effective service, notes the analyst.
While this work could never have come to fruition without permission from the many authorities under whose jurisdiction ancient monuments are slated, surmounting the red tape proved to be a tortuous task, an impressive demonstration of tenacity and determination on the part of the artist.
Thus, Copernicus has again demonstrated the robust nature of its proprietary non-viral delivery system by successfully surmounting a significant limiting factor of competitive delivery technologies.
Performances and dialogue are wooden - even kids subjected to yet another bland message about surmounting obstacles to follow dreams deserve better.
Oral contraceptives are surmounting that difficulty by promoting different facets of their products, including acne protection and pre-menopausal relief, the latter of which could be especially valuable as the Baby Boomers continue to enter menopause.