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From Ahmeti's party didn't want to elaborate the options for surmounting the crisis, but stressed that any disputed options will be unacceptable.
Professor Bashkim Selmani said that the withdrawal of BDI ministers might accelerate the surmounting of the political crisis, if that isn't just a coordinated scenario between the former government partners.
Gary Busey guest-stars as a bounty hunter himself, on the lam from the law; it's up to O'Toole and Spiro to bring him in, which they do after surmounting only a few uninteresting obstacles.
While other telecommunications equipment markets languish and even contract, broadband equipment markets grow unabated, increasingly surmounting end-user barriers to acceptance.
The BESA Movement assessed that this "document" shouldn't even be reviewed because Gruevski's party isn't competent to offer a solution for surmounting the political crisis.
Ross Perot's money is so far surmounting the considerable obstacles the political establishment places in the way of upstarts.
He stated that VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM should present their good will to surmounting this deadlock situation, and BDI continues to support Zoran Zaev.
MYRIAD utilizes the industry-leading ModelPress 3D compression algorithms, surmounting the difficulty of using intranets/extranets to transfer and view large, complex 3D models.
Regardless if it is a matter of breaching the Electoral Code, observer Risto Nikovski stated that politicians should close their eyes before this problem in order to enable elections to be organized, which according to him, is the only alternative for surmounting the crisis.
Surmounting a challenging industry environment, MSI is now ranked within Taiwan's top three and the world's top five PC mainboard manufacturers.
PDSH leader assessed that despite the ongoing challenges Macedonia faces, it is devoted to its Euro-Atlantic agenda through the implementation of EC reforms, including interethnic relations, which are the only way for surmounting the crisis and creating a better perspective for the country.
Sosei has assembled a library of drug candidates that have already demonstrated acceptable safety profiles in clinical trials, surmounting a major barrier to successful drug discovery.