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Surpass"), a recognized leader in preclinical research services for the medical device industry, announced today that GraftWorx won in-kind services from Surpass as part of the recent Rosenman Institute's Innovation Awards.
The developmental Surpass grade has a density of 0.
Computers will emulate human intelligence and surpass it.
Sun Chemical's performance pigments group has introduced the Surpass line of easily dispersible products for universal solvent systems.
Produced with the company's Advanced Sclairtech technology and utilizing single-site catalysts, Surpass resins reportedly offer a combination of properties not available in conventional metallocene resins.
Company, Chicago, IL, has stopped shipping Surpass Antacid chewing gum.
However, in each case, Gerstner's and Correnti's successors will have to surpass them in order to handle the greater complexity of continued high growth.
para]]Preclinical Research Leader, SURPASS Receives CRO Leadership Awards by Life Science Leader Magazine for a Second Year in a Row.
If Sunday's estimates turn out to be higher than $25 million, ``X- Men'' could surpass third-place ``Shrek 2'' ($108 million) or second-place ``Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith'' ($108.
The Surpass family of resins is produced with Nova's new proprietary Advanced Sclairtech dual-reactor solution technology and a proprietary, non-metallocene single-site catalyst.
Registered commercial real estate principals surpass 100,000
Dataquest analysts predict that the market is set to explode by the end of 2000, with sales estimated to surpass 410 million units.