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The little man nodded his head, and showed his teeth; and yet seemed not quite convinced that it was a surpassingly desirable arrangement.
This competitive tendering was elected one (1) supplier of furniture and textile supplier surpassingly group homes, public buildings.
And unlike all the rest, it's surpassingly easy to imagine the Florida senator as the nominee.
This surpassingly strange fantasia on the Ark sees Oscar-winner Russell Crowe (right) roaring back to form.
Netanyahu is surpassingly brilliant, as even his opponents here in Metula, Israel, concede.
It's the "lucky" Rick Perry, the one who is surpassingly good at politics.
But a surpassingly fine poem like "The Wall"--which partakes of some tenets of the unswerving rigorists--reveals her instantly recognizable signature style.
The bright, ringing tenor of Andrea Care in the title role complemented the darker but surpassingly lyrical baritone of Brett Polegato as Rodrigo.
This collection is full of shivers and frissons, some surpassingly strange, like the image of unborn apples existing as liquid in the 'gnarled, knotty, nearly human arms of apple trees.
Morain so facilely divides, at least in this passage, the natural world from some purportedly non-natural one seems to me surpassingly odd.
The point is that these proposals are supposed to be surpassingly popular, the antidote to compromise and muddle, the "mish-mash of inconsistent ideas that satisfy no-one".
The poorest national Board was, not surpassingly, Zimbabwe Cricket ( ZC), which showed a net worth of a mere $ 31,655.