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First the researchers showed the babies both surprising and predictable situations regarding an object.
Summary: Mercato is all set to woo customers this Thursday by hosting the Surprising Millions weekly raffle draw at the mall.
What he said was always surprising, especially the way his parables turned out.
Then, however, came perhaps the most surprising development of all.
In short, complex dynamical systems are self-patterning, self-regulating and commonly surprising.
Bunn, 444 Surprising Quotes About Jesus: A Treasury Of Inspiring Thoughts And Classic Quotations is an inspirational collection of sayings, quotes, words, phrases, and treasured wisdom regarding the life, teachings and example of Jesus Christ.
At a surprising number of schools, a majority of students now seem to take gay equality for granted.
Surprising Edge: He's interviewed more foreign leaders than most candidates can name.
Despite much hand-wringing by cautious investors, the economic numbers are coming through just when it seems the market rally needs them most, and the majority of the figures are consistently more surprising on the upside, which is typical in the early stages of a recovery.
Merged with the wedding party scene of the poem's title, where Jesus advises us to take the low place, are some of his other surprising sayings that turn conventions upside down: the wedding parable at which people are pulled in off the street; the promise of room for all in his Father's mansion.
Least surprising quote: "A strange thing happened next morning.
In January, Best's Review asked several industry leaders to assess the most important and surprising events of 1999 and project what events would define the course of the marketplace this year.