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They say this suggests that some single females surreptitiously laid an egg in another couple's nest while the primary breeders were away foraging, and then volunteered to assist in rearing their own offspring.
Their mother, a college professor (portrayed by Schlamme's wife, Christine Lahti), smokes pot not so surreptitiously and makes such pronouncements as, ``The majority of television caters to the majority of Americans and is, as a result, garbage.
Culled from fourteen hours of footage taken surreptitiously via telephoto lens at JFK, Approach has the virtue of frontal simplicity, allowing viewers to gawk their fill and wonder at the familiar strangeness of the arrivals bouncing dreamily into view.
The Shamir method, like many other digital signature and identification schemes, may also fail if a third party, unknown to the prover and verifier, surreptitiously acts as a go-between, transferring information between the prover and verifier.
Spyware can surreptitiously find its way on to consumers' computers through e-mail, "drive-by" downloads or by being bundled into other software a consumer installs or downloads.
The four teens were taken into custody June 5 at the Albertsons store in the 4600 block of East Avenue S by the security officers, who wore civilian clothes and whose job it was to watch surreptitiously for shoplifters.
One of them toward a present: out of the prehistory of the Debordian spectacle, where capital was accumulated to the point where it became images and attention was identified, turned, surreptitiously tunneled.
Central banks intervened surreptitiously in the gold market in the late 1990s to prevent a gold derivatives crisis that threatened the global financial system.
Think: Investigating a robbery, Inspector Foyle (Michael Kitchen) discovers a ``funk hole,'' a private hotel where some suspicious British citizens are surreptitiously and cravenly hiding out during World War II.
They manage to carve out a paradoxical place for themselves by letting the present slip silently away, but not without surreptitiously exerting a slight spin on its invisible trajectory.
Surreptitiously taken footage and photos of what tomorrow's vehicles are offering, long before they hit the streets, is the focus of this segment.
Theater employees are increasingly vigilant about individuals who surreptitiously set up camcorders in their theaters,'' said NATO President John Fithian.