surrounding area

See: periphery
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Eleven of the National Park areas had higher average prices than those in the surrounding county, with only Snowdonia in Wales having lower property prices than those in the surrounding area.
Claudia knows the Dale City, Woodbridge, VA and surrounding area Real Estate market and specializes in Dale City, Woodbridge, VA and surrounding area Real Estate.
The typical price of a home near a Waitrose is around PS38,831 or 12% higher than the price of a property in the surrounding area.
An army unit thwarted a terrorist groups' attempt of attacking a military post in the surrounding area of Jabal al-Shaer in Palmyra countryside in Homs, killing many of its members and injuring others.
5m depth, and harmed more than 60 cars and 6 buildings in the surrounding area of the mosque.
Isle of Anglesey County Council said: "We do not currently have a ban on smoking in playgrounds and surrounding area in place.
The Onslow County Board of Adjustment has determined a quarry would be harmonious with the surrounding area with a provision that the quarry faces remain more than 2,000 ft.
The accused fighters of Alpha group claim that it is impossible to fire from the roof of the White House as surrounding area can't be seen, the territory may be visible only from the second floor, lawyer Osunbek Jamansariev said.
Previous plans to demolish the cafe and build a new one were refused planning permission because planners ruled they would spoil the appearance to the surrounding area.
Despite fears the cinema would close, Denbighshire County Council backed a proposal to regenerate the picture house and surrounding area in order to create a much needed modern entertainment complex.
Elk Grove, along Interstate 5 and surrounding area -- Elverta, Ponderosa Farm Community Park and surrounding area -- Folsom, along Green Valley Road to the El Dorado County line, including Folsom Lake, Empire Ranch and surrounding area -- Rancho Cordova, Cordova High School, Ancil Hoffman Park and Hagan Community Park -- Sacramento, along Marysville Boulevard from Interstate 80 to Arcade Boulevard and surrounding area, including Grant Union High School and Del Paseo Junior High -- Sacramento, along Power Inn Road from Limon Hill to Gerber Road and surrounding area -- Sacramento, along Woodbridge Drive and Rush River Drive and surrounding area, including Renfree Park and Charter Pointe Park -- Sacramento, Near intersection of Security Park Road and Douglas Road and surrounding area
With the season only a few weeks away, RichardHobson, has appealed for dog walkers to clean up after their animals when they walk them in the cricket field and surrounding area.