surrounding facts

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The statements are based on assumptions about many important factors and information currently available to us to the extent we have thus far had an opportunity to fully and carefully evaluate such information in light of all surrounding facts, circumstances, recommendations and analyses.
And once you've made the case for change by sharing the problems and the surrounding facts, they will be very interested in how you can help.
A case involving a corporation's return further emphasizes the importance of the surrounding facts and circumstances on the validity of an informal claim.
Before I explore the contents of the book, I will note three surrounding facts that are symptomatic of the times.
There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding facts about Israeli gas.
The judge added they should look at the surrounding facts - such as the pair spending that evening MR together and leaving Ross House tower block together 15 minutes before the murder - to help them make up their minds.
It is generally dependent on the surrounding facts, witness testimony and the courts' interpretation of them.
Minor border skirmishes are common, and if all were considered armed attacks, states could easily exploit them -- as surrounding facts are often murky and unverifiable -- to launch wars of aggression.
He sought an inquiry into all the surrounding facts, including the issue of why his son, an electronics engineer, was driving an unprotected Nissan Pathfinder along a dual carriageway where there had been a history of previous attacks.
Taxpayers and the IRS alike must assess each of the factors based on all of the surrounding facts and circumstances, much as the court did in FedEx.
A determination of "bona fide" employee or agent status is not based on the application of a strict formula, but instead requires careful evaluation of the contract and surrounding facts.
Rather than focusing on any one of these factors, courts examine all of the surrounding facts and circumstances in determining whether an employee is unduly restricted and therefore working.