surrounding space

See: periphery
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In contrast to the surrounding space it has a more organic feel, but is very much part of the fabric of the building.
a club room and support spaces and design of the surrounding space.
To return to sugary loves lost, we waved goodbye Aztec, prize and Jolly bars, yet nothing matched the legendary frenzy of the furore surrounding Space Dust .
But our prospective table for four was so crammed into a corner behind six young people already dining my wife, Collette, instantly asked for an alternative table - with more surrounding space.
By contrast, a 1950 watercolour inverts this process; here, the frames of houses take shape by virtue of the weight of surrounding space.
25 metres away from the next, and have a surrounding space of six square metres.
The layout of the internal accommodation is irrelevant really because whoever buys this property will more than likely transform the interior, but I can say, that at the moment there are just two bedrooms, but with so much surrounding space extending the property shouldn't be a problem (subject to necessary building regulation consents).
For, as Peter Hughes acknowledges, while the city centre is largely a neutral urban setting, much of the surrounding space remains partisan.
Each set is made up of four to six forms that can be arranged in any configuration, and rather than effect a relationship between two participants, as did Walther's early works, they serve to shape the surrounding space.
One project in particular illustrates the complex issues surrounding space exploration.
Around the central figure, show students how to fill in the surrounding space with drawn vertical and horizontal boxes, triangles and other basic shapes.