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Still, the symbolic utility of surveillance cameras is unimpeachable.
Surveillance technology could be used to identify FERPA breaches.
In the past year, Americans learned of several new and vast electronic surveillance programs started in the wake of September 11, 2001.
In January 2006, serologic surveillance was initiated to clarify whether poultry in Lao PDR had been exposed to influenza viruses and recovered.
Although law-enforcement agencies hail the technology as a labor-saving device that allows them to patrol much larger areas with fewer sets of eyes, many civil libertarians view surveillance cameras as a creeping erosion of privacy rights.
Collecting, analyzing, and disseminating data from any one of these types of data systems or a combination of them provide important information for public health practice and comprise environmental public health surveillance activities.
Law enforcement agencies primarily use surveillance to develop both intelligence and evidence to further investigations by identifying subjects, their activities, and their associates, along with their residences, places of business, hangouts, and other related locations.
Because our interest in privacy derives from a more fundamental interest in autonomy, we will continue to make trade-offs with these surveillance technologies, seeking privacy when it frees us from the constraints of publicity yet abandoning it when doing so will be to our advantage.
Instead of recording surveillance images on a basement digital video
Rosen starts with the demand side of the equation, observing that the drive for increasing levels of surveillance is fundamentally driven by public opinion.