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During surveillances, participants must remain vigilant and alert to the possibility of countersurveillance techniques being employed against them.
Unlike operating informants, however, conducting a surveillance requires using the team concept.
Law enforcement agencies primarily use surveillance to develop both intelligence and evidence to further investigations by identifying subjects, their activities, and their associates, along with their residences, places of business, hangouts, and other related locations.
At the onset, case managers, in conjunction with the physical surveillance, should consult technical services personnel to explore the feasibility of employing various measures, such as the use of video concealments, remote video, or tracking devices.
In this approach, investigators conduct surveillance of customers away from a cut store using an arbitrarily applied factor, such as following anyone carrying an agreed-upon size bag or box from the store.
Shop Light investigators determined that even when some shop owners learned of the surveillance, they were powerless to do anything about it.
Surveillance of that location will identify the hierarchy of the organization, including many individuals not involved in the actual street sales of drugs.
This occurs primarily to protect the technique of ongoing surveillance of the cut shop for future use against other gangs.
A defendant seeking to learn the location of a police surveillance post should ordinarily show that he needs the evidence to conduct his defense and that there are no adequate alternative means of getting at the same point.
The court noted that even if the police no longer used the surveillance post, the safety of the owner of the apartment and the willingness of others to cooperate with law enforcement in the future were "weighty considerations supporting the privilege.
While the investigator who conducted the field test had never been in the apartment used as the surveillance post, he was familiar with the area.