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What appears on the title page as a well-framed, compact, surveyable line also symbolizes the unpredictable "turns and difficulties" of hunting; "allegories and riddles"; "winding walks and serpentine rivers"; the "thread of a play, or novel, which ever increases" our delight "as the plot thickens, and ends most pleas'd, when that is most distinctly unravefl'd" (Analysis 32-33).
2009: Monetary transmission mechanism in Central and Eastern Europe: Surveying the surveyable.
This broken symmetry also renders possible a revised renormalization process, providing an alternative to the conventional one in a physically more surveyable way of solving the infinite self-energy problem.
CBRE's Retail MarketView also noted that asking rents for retail space continued to rise throughout most of Manhattan in the third quarter of 2011, the highest being in Times Square and Herald Square, two submarkets with limited surveyable venues.
This double circumstance amounts to spatialization, since time is neutralized, and all is ordered and surveyable without remainder, within absolute borders.
it was determined that the EP was rendered not surveyable or enforceable through the accreditation process.
C is a surveyable and finite list of things or kinds of things.
Martin Heidegger's famous mountain-slope timber-shingled Hutte (a 'hut'; in reality, a three-room family country house) might have contributed to the mythologization of Schwarzwald as a place of ideal(istic) retreat from civilization, but the German philosopher actually consistently teaches that when nature--and this is not to be really taken literally in terms of measurable and surveyable distances--is only a casually occurrent, distanced, and nondescript presence-at-hand (vor-, tableaux-like, out-there), as against ready-to-hand aroundness (um-zu-, toward-which, as concurrent availability, serviceability and totality of involvements), then it features noncircumspectively, poses resistance to meaning, and gets ultimately reduced to mere dimensions.
Topics include Wittgenstein's remarks about family resemblance in the Philosophical Investigations, the concept of "perspicuous representation and the logic of Nachtraglichtkeit, the pneumatic conception of thought, what Wittgenstein meant by "a mathematical proof must be surveyable," Wittgenstein's take on religion, his observance of John Henry Newman and certainty, Moore's paradox and first-person authority, theoretical commitment, training as the transition from causes to norms, grammatical proposition, the relationship amongst thought, language and animals, and the art of knowing what one does.
The surveyable area in each bay was defined to be the sum of the area of all the possible transects.
In order to make this illustration more surveyable, two simplifications have been made:
Their proof used a good deal of computer verification of cases (checked by another computer), leading to some soul-searching in the mathematical community over whether the old ideal of simple, understandable, and surveyable proofs was dead.