survival studies

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In addition, the fish survival information from the Alabama Power work significantly extended the knowledge base of how these screens perform and how fish impingement survival studies are performed.
However, survival studies are needed to supplement the U.
Previous research on seabirds found that excessive band wear and loss can be a major source of bias in survival studies, particularly with long-lived species and those that use saline habitats where bands are subject to abrasion by rocks or sand and to corrosion by salts or polluted water.
Affiliation with the medical school brings sophistication in clinical trial design, conduct and oversight, and relationship with the School of Veterinary Medicine brings unusual depth in survival studies in virtually any species.
PIT tags are also implanted into juvenile salmon for migration and survival studies, but don't use batteries to actively transmit signals.
Additionally there are sample size formulas for relative risk, odds ratio, and survival studies, illustrative examples drawn from contemporary medical literature, and numbered steps for many of the detailed procedures and remarks.
Further studies will be needed to determine the exact survival time of MRSA on the various fomites we selected, and survival studies could be done using other strains.
An estimation of DRF on the basis of whole body survival studies against supra-lethal dose (13 Gy) gave an approximate value of DRF = 1.
If tenable, this result is in contrast to findings from other duckling survival studies, where predation was the leading cause of death for Mallard ducklings in northeastern California (90%; Mauser et al.
Long-term survival studies are the strongest data available regarding patient prognosis after surgery.
For example, rather than running through the details of computing a Kaplan-Meier curve, the author discusses the impact that informative censoring can have on survival studies.
In support of ecosystem diversity, the installation participates in the national Monitoring Avian Productivity, Survivorship, and Winter Survival studies and other inventories for rare species such as plants, bats, aquatic wildlife, amphibians, and reptiles.