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Sur ce point, nous montrerons notamment que Sauve, tout engage qu'il fut envers sa mission apostolique, ne s'est jamais pour autant eloigne d'une exigence de combat national pour la survivance francaise en Ontario, inscrivant ainsi clairement son action dans la mouvance du nationalisme groulxiste (7).
La Survivance, the Oblates, and some notable members of the laity.
7) Although there are many examples here, I'd recommend starting with Leslie Marmon Silko's Gardens in the Dunes (1999) and Almanac of the Dead (1992); Gerald Vizenor's Manifest Manners: Postindian Warriors of Survivance (1994), "Native American Indian Literature: Critical Metaphors of the Ghost Dance" (1992), and "Socioacupuncture: Mythic Reversals and the Striptease in Four Scenes" (1990); Sherman Alexie's Indian Killer (1998); and "A Wounded Knee Fairy Tale" (1982) by Cherokee-identified science fiction writer Craig Kee Strete.
In addition, document analysis data from the culminating professional development program was framed within aspects of survivance including the integration of academic and Mohawk cultural knowledge (Brayboy, 2005).
As Jean Seznec's now classic study (La survivance des dieux antiques [London: Warburg Institute, 1940]) showed, the moral allegorization of Greco-Roman mythology coexisted with the poetic trend reaching into the Renaissance proper.
Durant le XIXe et une bonne partie du XXe siecles, les relations France-Quebec laissent entrevoir l'existence d'enjeux socioideologiques majeurs: propagation des Lumieres, reforme de l'enseignement au Bas-Canada--par l'entremise de Joseph-Sabin Raymond, cas rapporte par Marc-Andre Bernier, survivance de la France d'avant la Revolution francaise au sein du territoire canadien-francais .
Manifest Manners: Narratives on Postindian Survivance.
She elaborates on principles of emergency politics in the context of the recall of Jacques Derrida's explications of the French word survival: survivance (as sur-vivance), beingmore life and surplus life.
It is about how we were made to listen to the ways we, as educators and members of a classroom-community, are deeply responsible for teaching survivance and healing, and for practicing the end of violence.
In the decade following the 1999 publication of Womack's Red on Red, the field of Native literary studies has reconstellated around a continuum of Nation-based, indigenous-informed methodologies that trace crucial relationships between individual texts, sovereignty, and what Gerald Vizenor terms survivance, or an active sense of resistance and continuance.
10) According to Taunton, Claxton's work is not simply about identity politics or historical trauma; it is about Indigenous survivance and the ongoing process of decolonization, self-determination, and reclaiming of Indigenous stories as historic truths.
After a career spanning more than three decades, Native American artist and activist Gerald Vizenor (Chippewa-Ojibway) has come to be recognized as a writer committed to issues of aboriginal subjectivity, sovereignty, and survivance.