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By using nth harmonic balanced conductance and nth harmonic balanced susceptance parameters, the balanced current component can be expressed as;
p](x,t): Ionization rate of holes at the space point x at time instant t B(f): Susceptance of the diode at frequency f [b.
However, smooth changes of long term dynamic equations, changes in transformer ratios or variations in susceptances do not trigger Jacobian updates [14].
22] are the susceptance of the first and second-band M/N, respectively.
Hence, as discussed in Section 3, the linearization on the susceptance has reconstruction errors, but the effect on the scattering coefficients is less destructive than the direct interpolation on the scattering coefficients.
where the conductance (G), which is the real part of the admittance, is due to the current through the contact resistor, and the susceptance (B), which is the imaginary part of the admittance, is due to the current through the contact capacitor.
Since the coupled-line can be equivalent to a susceptance inverter which is useful in BPF design, the coupled-line is much more widely used in single-band BPF design.
According to basic waveguide transmission theory, the inductive post is equivalent to a parallel susceptance.
The resonators are then replaced by the distributed equivalent elements by equating the susceptance slops of the actual resonators to those of the lumped-element resonators at the band pass center frequency.