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This opportunity includes both laboratory- and population-based studies on the biological response to environmental exposures to pollutants as well as studies of susceptibility factors due to genetics, age, nutritional status, or co-morbid conditions.
Some have speculated that delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS) and depression might share genetic susceptibility factors, but preliminary data from an ongoing study suggest this may not be the case, Dr.
The long-term goals of ENDGAME are to accelerate the identification of genetic susceptibility factors in human disease and the ultimate development of novel and individual disease prevention and treatment strategies through the advancement of genome-wide association study methodologies.
The investigators looked for and failed to find any significant increase in a number of other autoimmune diseases, suggesting these diseases don't share genetic susceptibility factors in common with vitiligo.
2006), and susceptibility factors such as age, genetics, and obesity (Yeatts et al.
Genetics, age, and lifestyle (obesity, diet) are major susceptibility factors in the induction of asthma and can interact with environmental exposures either synergistically or antagonistically.
The common thread ranging throughout the RFA was that the disease is likely due to one or more environmental influences in combination with one or more genetic susceptibility factors.
Some were referring to the ability to understand and predict an individual's adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals, whereas others were referring to identifying susceptibility factors for toxic exposures in populations and individuals.