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The present study was therefore, aimed at evaluating the response of insecticide resistant and susceptible strains of T.
They were able to determine the polymorphic markers that varied between snails susceptible and resistant to S.
45%) were susceptible to vancomycin; only enterococcus faecium showed resistance.
The SISa model comprises three processes, where S and I represent the susceptible people and the infected people, respectively, [beta] is the transmission speed, g is the recovery speed when infected people return to the state of suspected people, and a is the spontaneous infection rate.
T-tests (Proc t-Test) were used to determine the significance of differences between the mean mortality at the LC values of each field collected colony compared to the respective LC values of the laboratory susceptible strain (SAS Institute Inc.
The lines showed highly susceptible reaction were: K-97006, K-97007, K-98009, K-94002, K-98014, K-98012, K-52721, K-60028, K-93001, K-92030, K-96022, D- CM98, D-CAM68, D-91013, D-97074, D-96022 and Punjab-1(check), while, genotypes showed susceptible reaction were viz: K-95058, K-60016, K-60034, K-60048, D-91224, D-03019, D-05028 and D-03006.
A row of a susceptible variety Aug-424 was planted after every two test lines as a spreader of disease.
The expert found that hypnotically susceptible volunteers were better at perceiving when the right LED flashed first than when the left one did.
2 : having little resistance (as to infection or damage) <I am susceptible to colds.
That area is particularly susceptible because two-thirds of the street trees are maples - the beetles' preferred habitat - most of which were planted to replace trees destroyed by the 1953 tornado.
Plant breeding involves setting DNA markers easily spotted during genetic testing of hybrid populations to quickly discern whether or not a hybrid plant has the gene that makes it susceptible to powdery mildew.