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So I went this morning to Westmor eland House to ask you for my sister's address, and to acknowledge plainly that I suspected you of being again in correspondence with Mrs.
It is first agreed and settled among them, what suspected persons shall be accused of a plot; then, effectual care is taken to secure all their letters and papers, and put the owners in chains.
What Colonel MacAndrew had told me seemed very improbable, and I suspected that Mrs.
So I said to him, "Nonsense, general; if anybody but yourself had said that to me, I'd have taken my head, my own head, and put it on a large dish and carried it round to anyone who suspected you; and I should have said: 'There, you see that head?
Tip got one small prick in his left arm, which smarted for an hour afterward; but the needles had no effect upon the Scarecrow or Jack Pumpkinhead, who never even suspected they were being prodded.
If the latter, and it seemed probable since the evidence he had had that Gernois suspected him, then he had two rather powerful enemies to contend with, for there would be many opportunities in the wilds of Algeria, for which they were bound, to dispatch a suspected enemy quietly and without attracting suspicion.
I told her that I suspected foul play, that I followed you both and found her father left to the tender mercies of the savages, deserted by you in the bush.
Why should you go out of your way to investigate cases of suspected espionage?
Gryphus suspected nothing, and the device succeeded for eight days.
If you happened to meet with the suspected man," he said, "have you any means of identifying him?
I am greatly surprised by such a question," said the Cashier; "it sounds as if you suspected me of selfishness.
You have yourself declared that we wronged an innocent woman when we suspected Mrs.