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Alarming shades of martial law are in the offing with President Duterte's inclination of suspending the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus to reportedly 'strengthen' the campaign against the drug menace and suppress the so-called 'rebellion' in Mindanao,' Lagman said.
According to district records, the 1,663-student school meted out 701 suspensions last year, statistically equivalent to suspending 42 percent of the student population.
Schultz also criticized the IAAF, track's worldwide governing body, for suspending the three Americans before their national federation had acted.
We know that Korea is an important export market for Portland and that there is a strong correlation between nonstop airline service and international trade, so we looked at alternatives to suspending this service.
Bill Hunter, executive director of the NBA Players Association, said the league ``acted improperly in suspending those players who left the bench as peacemakers.
Quintel stated that it had received notice late last week from Bell Atlantic that it would suspend billing of Quintel's Enhanced Services for 60 days, and also learned yesterday that SBC was suspending billing of the Company's 900 telephone entertainment services and a portion of the Company's Enhanced Services.
In suspending the flights, Colombia shelved what American officials viewed as a cornerstone of its anti-drug programs.