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She left his side to explore the room, examining the clothes-lines of notes overhead, learning the mystery of the tackle used for suspending his wheel under the ceiling, and being saddened by the heap of manuscripts under the table which represented to her just so much wasted time.
For this purpose she jumped upon a peg, and suspending herself from it, pretended to be dead.
He drew the writing materials once more with in his reach, and, suspending the remainder of Arnold's examination for the present, began his letter to Mr.
said Wackford junior, suspending, in the excess of his delight, a vicious kick which he was administering to his sister.
The road, following the curvature of the suspending ropes, is made of bundles of sticks placed close together.
Poor Martin, returning from his short absence, collected the fragments and replaced his brood (except one whose neck had been broken in the descent) in their old location, suspending them this time by string and wire twisted together, defiant of any sharp instrument which his persecutors could command.
As there was nothing formidable nor hostile in his appearance, the bee-hunter, instead of suspending his operations, rather increased his efforts, in a manner which would seem to imply that he doubted whether the hump would suffice for the proper entertainment of all who were now likely to partake of the delicious morsel.
Islamabad -- The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has de-notified its earlier orders suspending the membership of Railways Minister Saad Rafique and Member Provincial Assembly Mian Naseer.
Honda said Thursday it will continue suspending operations to make finished cars at two plants in Saitama and Mie prefectures until April 3.
Middle schools across the country are suspending children with alarming frequency, particularly in some large urban districts, where one-third or more of their black male students are suspended in a given year, according to a study by researchers Daniel J.
Varig said yesterday that it is suspending some flights to the US, Europe and three cities in South America after being forced by a US Bankruptcy Court judge to ground leased aircraft.