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The Service is required to suspend the accrual of interest and time-sensitive penalties under Sec.
6404(g)(1) will not suspend interest and time-sensitive penalties for additional tax liability reported on the amended return.
The LSR is carried out through a series of operating rules that serve to suspend the loss, reduce it and then allow it to be deducted.
We take them in, revoke or suspend their licenses and suddenly we have a new problem - revoked or suspended drivers on the road.
There are other allegations,'' said one senior Army official, adding that the information had influenced the Army's decision to suspend the sergeant major.
West was responding to two Republican senators on the Armed Services Committee, Olympia Snowe of Maine and Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, who called on the Army to suspend McKinney until the accusations were resolved.
The decision Friday suspends for another six months the provision of the law that would allow United States citizens or corporations to sue any foreign company using confiscated American property in Cuba.