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A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES: THE SUSPENSEFUL WORLD OF THRILLERS will look at thrillers from all sides, including different types of thrillers and the stylistic tools filmmakers use to give their audiences a shot of adrenaline.
Exceptionally suspenseful science fiction; soon to be a film.
A gripping, suspenseful drama; also recommended are the previous novels about Ted MacIntosh, "Moses, Me and Murder" and "The Doctor's Apprentice.
That acknowledged, ``Warrior'' is just as often engaging and suspenseful, and never less than thoughtful.
In his third novel, Williams teams up with best-selling romance novelist Elizabeth Atkins Bowman, author of Skin Deep, to deliver an intricate, suspenseful plot set in Brazil and celebrity-studded Los Angeles.
The suspenseful NOIR REUNION is about four friends who, on the night of their junior prom, stumble across an ill-fated drug deal and by daybreak drive away with $4 million.
The detailed setting and plot are believable and suspenseful.
The Divine Plan: A Novel of Obsession is a dark, suspenseful about the ramifications of possessing too much knowledge about one's "twin soul.
Jones, The Vatican Knights is a suspenseful novel about the kidnapping of a pope by a terrorist cell calling itself the Soldiers of Islam.
Joshua Marston's urgently suspenseful debut marks him as a filmmaker of extraordinary promise.
Coincidences are too frequent, which caused suspenseful scenes to be predictable and unrealistic.
Oscar-nominated director Wolfgang Petersen is currently in production in Burbank on the suspenseful action adventure Poseidon, it was announced today by Jeff Robinov, President of Production, Warner Bros.