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In this case, they trained the neural network to recognize suspenseful passages based on the sets of words and topics associated with suspense and their data on what readers had identified as moments of high suspense.
Suspenseful and engaging, Babylon Sisters is sure to please Cleage's longtime fans and attract new ones as well.
The suspenseful story has at its heart two very Russian preoccupations--gambling and the supernatural.
Said producer Carl Borack of the suspenseful mystery and heartwarming story of family, and the unbreakable bond between a boy and his dog, "The true gift of the Shiloh films is that while audiences are being entertained, they're also seeing films about very real ethical issues today's kids have to deal with.
A suspenseful thriller from the usually character-driven Crutcher, this mystery features a cast of characters dealing with truth, but with more edge.
Again, it's a British author who is adept at writing a suspenseful story for teenagers.
A suspenseful story that combines Native American myth with the relentless human drive for vengeance, Swaybuck is a tightly written, compelling read from first page to last.
A gripping, suspenseful drama; also recommended are the previous novels about Ted MacIntosh, "Moses, Me and Murder" and "The Doctor's Apprentice.
Otherwise, it's all marginally funny, exciting and suspenseful, emphasis on the marginally.
In his third novel, Williams teams up with best-selling romance novelist Elizabeth Atkins Bowman, author of Skin Deep, to deliver an intricate, suspenseful plot set in Brazil and celebrity-studded Los Angeles.
The suspenseful NOIR REUNION is about four friends who, on the night of their junior prom, stumble across an ill-fated drug deal and by daybreak drive away with $4 million.