suspension of business

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Any BPO found to have violated the act should be punished by suspension of business permit for thirty days and P250,000-fine.
Nu Skin's annual report also states that, "The adverse publicity and suspension of business promotional meetings and acceptance of applications has had a significant negative impact on the number of Sales Leaders and Actives, and our revenue in the short term will be negatively impacted by these voluntary actions.
Seoul: August 29 -- (BNA)--North Korea agreed today (Thursday, August 29) to a proposal put forth by its neighbor -- South Korea - to hold the first-of-its-kind joint committee meeting next week regarding overseeing the borderline Kaesong Industrial Complex in order to avoid a suspension of business in Kaesong Complex.
It is unknown if he also referred to the suspension of business by the Bank of China, China's largest foreign exchange bank, with North Korea's Foreign Trade Bank, an apparent sanction by Beijing for Pyongyang's nuclear test in February.
I was very pleased to see some initiatives, like the suspension of business rates for 12 months.
He also called for the taxing of imported vehicles and the suspension of business tax.
To keep production in France, Mr Ghosn called for taxing of imported vehicles and suspension of business tax.
That was seen as a threat of a suspension of business ties with Tehran and possible trade sanctions.
Originally the day was to be celebrated with parades and meetings and a brief suspension of business beginning at 11 a.
Penalties, in line with the Road Vehicles Act, will include an immediate suspension of business for up to seven days, the Land, Infrastructure and Transport Ministry said.
This followed an earlier request by the Green Party to have a suspension of business in the Dail today.
The association said the disciplinary actions -- including warnings and suspension of business -- were meted out against lawyers out of 884 complaints filed by various bar associations in the country.

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