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So there is a stair," said I, and then, suspiciously, "did she make it?
inquired the King, suspiciously, for he knew how greedy the Growleywogs were.
Tarzan had slept for perhaps an hour or two despite the savage din of the revellers when his keen senses came suddenly alert to a suspiciously stealthy movement in the hut in which he lay.
Then he contented himself with trotting at Matauare's heels, eyeing him and sniffing him suspiciously.
But if the noise were made by a man or boy who moved softly and therefore suspiciously, Jerry learned to growl loudly; if the noise were loud and careless, then Jerry's growl was soft.
Very gently and somewhat suspiciously, he first smelled the tallow and then proceeded to eat it.
Advancing a few steps, and looking suspiciously about her while she spoke, her eyes fell on the chimney-piece.
Toto stopped, sniffed at the hole suspiciously, and jumped out of it, wagging his tail as if he had done something important.
I really shall feel anxious if she does not have a tonic of some sort," said Aunt Plenty, eyeing the new remedies suspiciously, for she had more faith in her old-fashioned doses than all the magic cups and poppy pillows of the East.
He looked backward and forward suspiciously between Julius and Anne.
Every one in the outer office had looked him over suspiciously, and the man who faced him was excessively suspicious.
Fine talent that," said Nicholl, looking suspiciously at his companion.