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A lot of research has focused on the fraud detection efforts, that is, assessing and ranking the fraud suspiciousness of individual claims, currently most of which are parametric and supervised.
A compromise approach is embodied in court opinions holding that the magnitude of a client's fraud can support an inference of scienter regarding the external auditor, but only "when the plaintiff pleads specific and detailed facts showing that the magnitude either enhanced the suspiciousness of specifically identified transactions, or made the overall fraud glaringly conspicuous.
The Sci-Tech dictionary, by McGraw Hill, describes this sort of paranoia as having "properties of suspiciousness, fearfulness, hypersensitivity, hostility, rigidity of conviction, and an exaggerated sense of self-reference".
Along with a total score, the SPQ also includes nine different subscales: (1) ideas of reference, (2) excessive social anxiety, (3) odd beliefs or magical thinking, (4) unusual perceptual experiences, (5) eccentric or odd behavior, (6) no close friends, (7) odd speech, (8) constricted affect, and (9) suspiciousness.
The instrument consists of 18 items, rated on a scale from 1 = not present to 7 = very severe, assessing the symptom domains of thought disturbance (conceptual disorganization, hallucinatory behavior, unusual thought content, grandiosity), suspiciousness/hostility (hostility, suspiciousness, uncooperativeness), anergia (emotional withdrawal, motor retardation, blunted affect, disorientation), activation (excitement, tension, unusual mannerisms/posturing), and anxiety/depression (somatic concern, anxiety, guilt feelings, depressive mood), which have been supported by numerous factor-analytic studies (Shafer, 2005).
These are some of the signs, but they are not the real guide-post that leads us to reveal why these 20 years are filled with national and religious intolerance, repugnance, suspiciousness and fear.
He described the joint declaration as very important, noting that it put an end to any enmity or suspiciousness poisoning the relations between two peoples.
He described their joint declaration as very important, noting that it puts an end to any enmity or suspiciousness poisoning the relations between the two peoples.
He said that it is every persons responsibility to be present for others, and emphasized that it is incumbent on us to recognize that despite differences among people, we must fight distrust and suspiciousness because "the other" is one of us, no matter the superficial or even philosophical differences.
Vicarious trauma symptoms can include hypervigilance, depression, anxiety, suspiciousness, irritability, intrusive thoughts of traumatic material, nightmares/dreams of perpetrators, and isolation (Adams & Riggs, 2008; Ennis & Home, 2003; Kadambi & Truscott, 2003; Moulden & Firestone, 2007; Way et al.
Towards the end of the novel, as Clara's and Lar's stories intertwine, a sense of the acceptance of the North replaces the initial suspiciousness, and rejection, of it.
90% of the variance, had high loadings for items referring to paranoia and ideas of reference, derived from the Suspiciousness and Ideas of Reference subscales of the SPQ.