sustained action

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Delegates also referred to ongoing discussions in New York on a UN General Assembly resolution to welcome the Rome Declaration on Nutrition and a proposal to declare 10 years of sustained action in multiple sectors to improve nutrition.
It has been clear for a long time that the long hospital waiting lists will persist in Ireland unless there is sustained action to improve primary health care services.
No other sport lasts that long nor offers such intense and sustained action.
Safeguarding and promoting human rights in general and children's rights in particular, is always a challenge that requires collective effort, sustained action at all levels of society, as well as consistent and constant vigilance at the level of institutions and bodies at the level of the state," she added.
He said that elimination of criminal networks and gangs will create a sense of security and confidence among the public, adding that sustained action against such elements would have to be continued.
hoped a new Iraqi government would be formed next week and was confident it would have a coalition for the sustained action required to destroy the militants.
We need sustained action across the UK to revive national competence in languages and to arrest the growing tendency for language learning to be the preserve of an intellectual or affluent elite," the APPG said.
Sustained action is needed now to prevent fraud from taking place POLICE should be patrolling Midland polling stations deemed to be at risk of vote-rigging in this year's local and European elections, the Government has been advised.
It took several years and sustained action by the authorities working in harness with the software industry to tamp out the practice.
And without sustained action, cancer incidence is projected to increase by 70% in middle-income countries and 82% in lower-income countries by 2030.
we should work together for developing sustained action plans that deliver long-term objectives.

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