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Caroline Russell, Sustainer Captain, stated, “We had a great response for this popular event at the Executive Mansion.
They knew the bee had been guided by the One who created it: And thy Sustainer revealed to the bee: prepare for thyself dwellings in mountains and in trees, and in what [men] raise; and then eat of all manner of fruit, and follow humbly the paths ordained for thee by thy Sustainer; and lo, there comes from within these [bees] a fluid of many hues in which there is health for people; in all of this, behold, there is a sign for those reflect (al-Nahl: 68-69).
Pledge $5, $25, $100, or even more a month and become a NWHN sustainer today.
CW2s are intermediate level technical and tactical experts who perform the primary duties of technical leader, trainer, operator, manager, maintainer, sustainer, and advisor.
The Right Rev Michael Henshall, Honorary Assistant Bishop of York, told mourners Lord Sheppard was "a shrewd and effective prophet of our society, a selfless sustainer of justice and a church leader who more than any illuminated his generation".
I guess he knows that God's "hands" were indeed tied because the baptizing priest replaced "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" with "creator, liberator and sustainer.
She writes, "In Cornwall Inlet, I understood the value of the wilderness as "Mother; as giver and sustainer of spirit, on the day the earth saved me.
The work of Art Cohen at UCLA--and ERIC for community colleges is the centerpiece of this work--has unquestionably been a major sustainer of the history and scholarship on the community college.
Some opening ascriptions are 'Mighty God,' 'Our Maker,' 'Source of all Being,' or 'Creator and Sustainer.
Yet it retains `faith' the loyal embrace of Jesus Christ as Lord, God the creator, and the Holy Spirit as sustainer.
He is described variously as the Creator, the Sustainer, the Provider, the Father, the Saviour.

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