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The government has not clarified about the sustenance of the victims," Ghulam Nabi Azad said, in a press conference here.
On the off chance that you are conceding or not, consumable sustenance things can prompts the human practices.
The second construct for sustenance of health behavior change is practice for change derived from Freire's (1970) adult education model's praxis which refers to active reflection and reflective action.
He even went to the extent of blaming the Center for failure to formulate a policy to provide sustenance for the Naga outfits.
Thanksgiving to God is for the entirety of what God has done for us, including, but not limited to, sustenance.
Her devotion required not only radical faith, but radical sustenance.
2]support 2 <God is our sustenance in time of trouble.
As food supplies dwindle, a bartender in a ward forces other patients to trade personal belongings for sustenance.
You can go to the local PetSmart and find food for dogs, cats, iguanas, llamas, boa constrictors, stoats, goats, and tarantulas, but they've got nothing to give sustenance (Do you remember Sylvester the cat saying "sustenance"?
Surely it is scandalous a British company - via a local subsidiary - is providing financial support and sustenance to this brutal regime and to key figures within it?
Despite discouraging conditions in schools and lack of public support, many K12 educators have learned to look within themselves for sustenance instead of waiting for someone to supply it.
It was not only a staple in every larder but went on many great expeditions and adventures to provide sustenance in all conditions.