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It is open to all that all non-Africentric religions serve to orient their African descent adherents against Africentric social theory and its attendant own-race maintenance behavior and towards the sustentation of the non-African group that brought them the religion, most often on pain of death and dismemberment historically.
Another verification: as the processes of recruitment and selection of the enterprises of the sample, are still based purely on intuition, they do not reflect what is found in the literature and in the large enterprises, which does not contribute with the creation and sustentation of competitive organizations.
Retenons toutefois l'idee demeurant essentielle d'une gestion rationnelle et finalisee de l'alimentation des esclaves, inscrite dans l'histoire comme dans les representations dominantes relatives a la sustentation des zombi.
A complete platter sustentation systems redesigning must been made, in order to modernize such heavy rotary tables.
Key words: rotary table, hydro drive, sustentation.
The relays 1Rp1 and 2Rp1 confirms the pressure sustentation necessary value.
In figure 5, the rotary table hydrostatic sustentation hydraulic installation is presented.
In the first place, the MOSIPIC as a theoretical model and not yet validated needs to suffer the normal confrontations of rational and operational sustentation which will be accepted as a model of consistent scientific bases.