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SUTLER. A man whose employment is to sell provisions and liquor to a camp.
     2. By the articles of war, art. 29, no sutler is permitted to sell any kind of liquor or victuals, or to keep his house or shop open for the entertainment of soldiers, after nine at night, or before the beating of the reveillee, or upon Sundays during divine service or sermon, on penalty of being dismissed all future sutling. And by art. 60, all sutlers are to be subject to orders according to the rules and discipline of war.

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While a fully machined shirt is readily and inexpensively available "off the rack" at most sutlers, a hand-finished ranker's shirt takes about a week, with more time required for fancy ruffles for neck and cuffs which are added to the shirts for officers or NCOs.
Designers include Geoffrey Tailor Kilts and 21st Century Kilts, Lochcarron of Scotland, Jilli Blackwood Art to Wear, Lara HA[c]lA[umlaut]ne Bridal Atelier, Belinda Robertson, Thistle & Broom, Vivienne Tam, Castle Forbes Scotland, Michael Kaye Couture, Pringle of Scotland, Etro, Peter Som, Utilikilts, Trovata, Joey B, Beretta, Timberland, Barkertown Sutlers, Yvette Jelfs, Miss Trish of Capri, and Hunter Rubber Co, Ltd.
Sutlers, with whom the army would sign contracts, helped supply the army with "the most elementary needs.
Among those followers longing to the army" were wives and children of enlistees, sutlers, servants, slaves, volunteers, and employees and managers of various staff departments, representing at any given time up to 50 percent of the army's numerical strength.
As sutlers, settlers, and traders, they became especially prominent in the Great Lakes fur trade.
Jews had been present in Quebec since 1760, when several arrived as sutlers with the British forces in the wake of the Conquest.
Food vendors, gift shops, and sutlers will be at the park during the weekend.