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Although swaddling has been reported to decrease SIDS overall, swaddling can be associated with SIDS when swaddled babies are placed face down.
Regarding nursing, the review cited a Russian study comparing babies swaddled during the first hours of life versus those held skin-to-skin.
Behind the tenements lay wild gardens; a swaddled fig tree, a
At that time, the sun would have been swaddled by a disk of gas, dust, and ice, the birthplace for planets.
As he carries the swaddled stocky animal off Air Force One, hoists him into a limo, blows kisses with him tucked neatly under an arm, Barney's embarrassment is palpable.
A pair of large gelatin silver prints from his new series of rephotographed photos, for example, spoke to the longing and loneliness that Beck associates with traditional family structure: Screen Memory (Mother's Room), 2003, features a image of Christ swaddled in labial folds of reflected drapery: Screen Memory (Father's Room), 2004, depicts a flock of birds soaring tantalizingly beyond a window.
Swaddled in a pleasantly rustic site to the north-east of Amsterdam, the Mobius House is an experiment in modern, fluctuating domesticity orchestrated by Ben van Berkel and Caroline Bos.
For the most part, it consisted of three men, sucking on respirators and swaddled in protective bunny suits, standing directly on top of the open reactor core.
Dead cats hanging from the ceiling, posed as the Three Wise Men and swaddled in a manger.
The concern was raised in a British study from 2009 that did show an increased rate of SIDS among swaddled babies.
After arriving in his "popemobile" and kissing a swaddled infant, he urged his followers to welcome immigrants fleeing to Italy from the unrest in African countries as racial tensions have been growing in the region recently.
In my book, Breastfeeding Answers Made Simple: A Guide for Helping Mothers (2010), I note that, although swaddled babies appear calmer and sleep more, research has found that regular swaddling can contribute to negative breastfeeding outcomes.