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Edson said, "We searched a long time for the absolutely perfect fabric for our swaddles and didn't rest until we found BebeFlex.
The Swaddle Shop offers four swaddles and one sleeping bag that can be swapped depending on baby's sleep style and age, ranging from 0 to 18 months.
The Perfect Peanut(TM) swaddles are ideal for babies who require a snug fit, while the Peanut Air(TM) has BebeAir Mesh Vents[sup.
TM] options, identified by the color blue, provide two transitional, multiuse swaddle choices with the Peanut Convertible[sup.
The Swaddle Shop assortment comes in eight fashionable styles including Restful Raindrops(TM) and All in a Row Duckies(TM).
com today announced the availability of the world's first merino baby swaddle, the Cocooi[TM] Baby Swaddle from Merino Kids of New Zealand, which earlier this year was awarded the Seal of Outstanding Design Quality in the esteemed International Forum Product Design Awards.
Crafted entirely from New Zealand's finest pure merino wool, the award-winning Merino Kids Cocooi Baby Swaddle is 100% natural, cuddly-soft and allergy-safe.
This makes the Merino Kids Cocooi Baby Swaddle the ideal sleeping environment for a newborn baby in any season.
The Merino Kids Cocooi Baby Swaddle can now be purchased on-line at babysleepbags.
RED] Special Edition Collection includes a four-pack of swaddle blankets ($49.