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Shaun Ryder - allegedy a new man - plays T On The Fringe with his reformed indie swaggerers.
11) Although O'Casey remained a staunch socialist, he was severe with socialists who were easily deluded into becoming nationalist swaggerers.
Ranks are filled with the standard-issue war-movie characters - the hick Southerner; the wisecracking Noo Yawkers; the green, easily riled boys; the cocky swaggerers.
Machado - deputy to legendary Porto manager Jose Maria Pedroto when Wrexham dumped his swaggerers out of the UEFA Cup in 1984 - still recalls how dangerous Welsh "hwyl" can be.
Words were often troped as swords, and rhetoric was understood as a weapon, Jonson comments ironically, "Some Controverters in Divinity are like Swaggerers in a Taverne, that catch that which stands next them, the candlesticke, or pots; turn every thing into a weapon" (Timber or Discoveries, vol.
210 and Note), Rousseau counters that this may be how swaggerers feel who make a show of scorning death by setting too low a stock by the goods of life, or the malcontent rich, or melancholy men of letters ([11], [12]).
For Hollins, Stuart Roberts, Ryan Casey, Khris O'Leary, Lee Jenkins and Jason Price could be 60's Kings Road swaggerers Terry Venables, George Graham, Eddie McCreadie and Ron Harris reincarnated.
As for the idea that clubs cannot shoulder the burden of extra games, let me point out that Bobby Robson's swaggerers of 2002-03 not only finished third top of the Premier League, but also played a staggering 14 Champions League matches to boot.
Stewart, one of the great swaggerers on the field in recent years, felt he needed to impose himself more on the opposition, to demonstrate that he had the mental steel to take them all on.
It's only a decade ago that Newcastle under Kevin Keegan were the flamboyant swaggerers every neutral was talking about.