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How else, except through his remarkable instinct for verbal cadences, could frontier Idaho, where he was born in 1885, coalesce so improbably with Medici Florence and Han China, how else could the small-town swaggerer on his stump-pulpit conceal the troubadour?
Why do you seek and serve this swaggerer, as if you had lost every jot of manly independence?
Over the years, this note of gratitude resonates and grows, until in this poem near the end of his life, the once cocksure swaggerer reveals himself as a supplicant, his face lit up by the woman he used to claim he created.
Joey, a Scarface-type swaggerer with far more ambition than brains, wants to take over the territory from the Sicilians who wrested it from Matello.
I stole some names from a group of cooks he lists--translated marvelously by Burton Raffel: Sour Sauce, Salt Master, Roast Anything, Spatula Face, Piled-up Crepes, Twisted Bacon, Life-Saving Bacon, Free Fritters, Berry Masher, Wonder Tongue, Pudding Stuffer, Swaggerer Braggerer, Cake Nose, Feather Prick, Gut Wheezer, Crumbly, "plus Robert, who invented Robert sauce.
If you cut the top half of his body off, you'd say he's an aggressive swaggerer.
Our prodigal child, accompanied with this soaking swaggerer and admirable cheater, who had supt up most of our heirs about London like poached eggs, slips into White-Friars' nunnery, whereas the report went he kept his most delicate drab of three hundred a-year.
And yet, he's no more readily the dupe than is Phil (Mike Grady), the older and gentler boyfriend of estate agent Mark (Ian Reddington), a swaggerer who has set his sights on Richard from the start.
When is the last time, for instance, that you heard the Coriolanus in Richard II -- that's to say, the warrior shadowing the poet -- just as, in Fiennes' deft hands, that potential swaggerer, Caius Marrius (later exalted as the Coriolanus of the title), here seems capable both of sorrow and of a lyrically felt pain?
Having patiently dismissed swaggerers in Congress who seek a more muscular response to Russia in Ukraine (and others elsewhere), will Obama know where to stand up and for what?
The jaunty swaggerers of last season or the insecure mistake-makers of this?