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He was a man obviously on the way towards sixty, very florid and hairy, with much gray in his bushy whiskers and thick curly hair, a stoutish body which showed to disadvantage the somewhat worn joinings of his clothes, and the air of a swaggerer, who would aim at being noticeable even at a show of fireworks, regarding his own remarks on any other person's performance as likely to be more interesting than the performance itself.
But as the shades of night fell, Tony, the swaggerer, lost his contempt for Maimie and eyed her fearfully, and no wonder, for with dark there came into her face a look that I can describe only as a leary look.
The hero, if one may call him so, who gives his name to the play, is a vain, silly swaggerer.
The jaunty swaggerers of last season or the insecure mistake-makers of this?
Henry's kneeling in this filthy tavern--home to lawless swaggerers, dissolute drunks, and decadent whores, a collective image of his violent, diseased kingdom--brilliantly captured an inescapable truth about this play, this England.
Far from being blandly nonconfrontational, we have become a nation of chip-on-our-shoulder swaggerers.