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He was a slim yet somewhat swaggering figure, clean-shaven, dark-haired, and blue-eyed, and, as seemed natural in an officer of that famous regiment of victorious failures and successful suicides, he had an air at once dashing and melancholy.
In fact, his conduct approached that of a bully, and he was given to swaggering up and down before Spitz's very nose.
At six weeks old, he had received from John Sedley a present of a silver cup; at six months old, a coral with gold whistle and bells; from his youth upwards he was "tipped" regularly by the old gentleman at Christmas: and on going back to school, he remembered perfectly well being thrashed by Joseph Sedley, when the latter was a big, swaggering hobbadyhoy, and George an impudent urchin of ten years old.
Swaggering fighting men had had their centuries of ramping and raving about Minor Canon Corner, and beaten serfs had had their centuries of drudging and dying there, and powerful monks had had their centuries of being sometimes useful and sometimes harmful there, and behold they were all gone out of Minor Canon Corner, and so much the better.
The old terrorist, raising an uncertain and clawlike hand, gave a swaggering tilt to a black felt sombrero shading the hollows and ridges of his wasted face.
When that indomitable snarling old witch died the swaggering spectre would have to vanish too - there would be an end to fiery Karl Yundt.
Moreover, he had the appearance of a perfect ability to go on all night; or, if occasion were, all next day and all next night; whereas Mr Blandois soon grew indistinctly conscious of swaggering too fiercely and boastfully.
John Day offered a suggestion for a new study: "What say we introduce hungry tigers into the authors' lab to see if it reduces their swaggering, head-bobbing behavior?
Songs such as London Queen and Boom Clap were glorious bursts of synth-driven pop, while her cover of Bow Wow Wow's I Want Candy was full of swaggering attitude.
CCTV shows an element of swaggering as you walked off.
If you want to see really good swaggering, head to the land of pasta, pizza and Popes.
IN music it's not the meek, but the arrogant, the swaggering and the charismatic that inherit the earth.